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P-22 Update - Speaker view
Jordan Traverso
I'll ask.
Charlie from TMZ here... will P-22 be released to the wild and when?
Steve Gregory
Steve Gregory from KFI: Are you seeing unusual behaviors in other wildlife? Coyotes seem to be getting more aggressive and coming closer to homes
Joseph Pisani, WSJ
When will the health assessment be completed? And what’s a typical life span of a mountain lion?
Christian Martinez - LA Times
Have these steps (capture, evaluation) been taken with other mountain lions in the Santa Monica study? If so what were the outcomes? Also, how long could it be before a decision on P-22 is made?
Rina Nakano
Rina from CBS - What health assessment results are you still waiting for? And if something comes back negative, is there an automatic decision to euthanize? (for example, cancer or something like that)
Laura Nelson - LA Times
Thanks for taking our questions. What types of health results would lead you to consider euthanasia?
Rina Nakano
Also, what facility is p22 at right now?
Ed Folven
When and where did the vehicle collision apparently occur and are there any details about that situation? How was NPS notified?
Caroline Mimbs Nyce
Caroline from The Atlantic. Thanks so much for this! Who makes the final decision? Is it a vote or a single person? (I joined a bit late—sorry if this was answered)
Christian Martinez - LA Times
Christian LA Times- What considerations were made in deciding to capture P-22 rather than letting nature take its course (so to speak)? Was it potential threats to pets and humans?
Caroline Mimbs Nyce
Thank you!
Rina Nakano
Thank you very much.